Faculty, Colby Community College

“VetTechPrep is a fabulous supplemental program! We have tried other VTNE prep solutions in the past with no luck. We are definitely satisfied with the results we have seen just in the two years we have been using VetTechPrep. I love the fact that I can monitor student progress and also be able to see where any weaknesses are. The majority of students that have utilized and completed the VetTechPrep have passed the VTNE. Students often tell me the VetTechPrep program really helped to prepare them.”
How has VetTechPrep helped the students in your class/school?
It has really helped the sophomore students prepare for the VTNE by allowing them to study anywhere on their own time.
What aspects of VetTechPrep do you and your students find most useful?
The students love the fact that they can do this program on their phones.
How has the Faculty Interface (access to student progress/performance data) impacted your ability to prepare students for the VTNE®?
The faculty interface is awesome. We have used programs with no faculty interface and they did NOT work well at all because I could not monitor. 
Since implementing VetTechPrep into your curriculum, what sort of differences have you noticed in your students and their study habits and proficiencies?
I would see them doing questions before/after class and in their free time. It gives the students a reality check and makes them study.
How have you integrated VetTechPrep into your curriculum/VTNE-prep course?
I have integrated VetTechPrep into my VTNE Exam Prep course. They are required to complete the VetTechPrep to pass. I found that the easiest way to do this was make it a 100-point assignment. If they don't complete it, they don't get those points.
How likely would you be to recommend this program to other faculty/administrators or schools?
How do you think VetTechPrep can help to make even more of a difference in the vet tech or wider veterinary community?
I believe it could make a difference by creating better technicians.