Faculty, Pima Medical Institute- Renton Campus

“I have been a LVT for 15 years. 10+ years in Emergency and Critical Care. An educator at Pima for 6 years. Our corporate office chose VTP. Convenience for the students is great; they can answer questions at any time on any electronic device, no lugging a big review book around and flipping through pages. I love that I can check their progress and help keep them on track.”
How has VetTechPrep helped the students in your class/school?
By having access to their accounts I can see when they log in, how long they were logged in, and how they are doing answering questions. This helps me to keep them motivated and I am able to see where their problem areas are and offer additional help in those areas. By keeping track of their progress and setting goals for them, the students are getting as much out of the program as they can and we have seen our VTNE scores go up.
What aspects of VetTechPrep do you and your students find most useful?
Convenience of online anytime, any device. The customer service is amazing. Setting up their accounts is so simple and anytime I, or a student, has needed to contact VTP, we get a very timely response and has always been helpful. The quality of the questions (clearly written, good choices for answers, updated questions, lack of typos...) is top notch. Easy to use, simple to follow webpage.
How has the Faculty Interface (access to student progress/performance data) impacted your ability to prepare students for the VTNE®?
My favorite feature! Instead of signing them up and setting them loose to do the review, I set goals for them and check their progress weekly. With students that need more encouragement I am able to help them stay on track and improve their progress so that they are actually improving their test taking ability and gaining knowledge.
Since implementing VetTechPrep into your curriculum, what sort of differences have you noticed in your students and their study habits and proficiencies?
Student feedback is that they feel prepared to take the VTNE exam, the format of the tests on the VTP program is similar to the VTNE so when they sit down for the big test they are not seeing this format for the first time, which adds to their anxiety.
How have you integrated VetTechPrep into your curriculum/VTNE-prep course?
We meet the day the subscription starts and I log in and show them all of the features. Then they log in for the first time and play around with it for 5-10 minutes to check it out and ask me any questions they might have. I then assign progress goals; a certain % needs to be completed by a certain date. We meet once a week and discuss their progress and they can ask questions about the program at that time (or email me in between meetings).
How likely would you be to recommend this program to other faculty/administrators or schools?