Faculty, Manor College

“As an adjunct faculty member I designed a review course for the students but when it became necessary to find an alternative means for review as we had numerous distance externship students who were unable to attend, I came across VetTechPrep. After testing numerous review options, I found VetTechPrep to be the most comprehensive. The aspects I find most helpful for the students are the expanse of questions offered, the ease of use, and powerpages.”
How has VetTechPrep helped the students in your class/school?
As part of their externship homework our students are required to take three timed exams (one in the beginning of the semester, the middle and the end). This allows them to see their score rise as they review more. It also provides them with statistics on their most difficult domains so that they can prepare more effectively in those areas. We also require weekly homework reviewing certain domains.  
What aspects of VetTechPrep do you and your students find most useful?
The questions with automatic answers / explanations in the practice mode. When powerpages are referenced that is even better.
How has the Faculty Interface (access to student progress/performance data) impacted your ability to prepare students for the VTNE®?
I offer a mid-externship review day where I cover their most challenging topics. The faculty interface allows me to see how the students are doing in each domain so I can tailor the review based on this data.
Since implementing VetTechPrep into your curriculum, what sort of differences have you noticed in your students and their study habits and proficiencies?
Before VetTechPrep students were using books to review but would wait to the last minute to start. With us requiring this review in addition to their ability to use their phones, they are reviewing more often and for a longer period of time.  
How have you integrated VetTechPrep into your curriculum/VTNE-prep course?
VetTechPrep is part of our externship curriculum. The students are required to take 3 timed exams. The last of which is proctored on campus and their grade is a percentage of their externship grade. Also, the students are required to complete at least 150 practice questions on a given domain weekly as part of their homework.
How likely would you be to recommend this program to other faculty/administrators or schools?
How do you think VetTechPrep can help to make even more of a difference in the vet tech or wider veterinary community?
It will make more educated students who will then become even better technicians.