“I graduated from tech school in 2014 and took my VTNE but unfortunately failed. I was very discouraged and did not plan to take it again. Right out of school I got hired at an emergency clinic, where I am still currently employed. My coworkers are the ones who pushed me to retake the exam. I was very nervous to retake the test, especially because at this point 3 years had passed by. I first heard of VetTechPrep through my aunt (who is a vet) that used the VetPrep. She ranted and raved about it and told me there was a "VetTechPrep". I then saw an add for it on Facebook and thought why not give it a shot- which I'm so glad I did!

Some aspects of the program I liked were as follows :
  • the way questions are formatted just like VTNE questions
  • you could choose a specific section of questions or mix subjects randomly
  • the timed tests and the fact that you could choose how many or few questions you wanted to take
  • That the program showed what percent was completed and how far along others were as well”

What made you want to become a vet tech?
I live in rural Pennsylvania. My family has a farm and I have been around animals my entire life. I learned how to take care of them at a young age and I could never picture myself doing anything else! 
How has vet tech school changed the way you look at animals? Or changed the way you look at this profession?
Vet Tech school changed the way I see this profession by opening my eyes to other job options. I always thought I'd graduate and go work at a regular vet clinic or with a large animal vet. Thankfully tech school opened my eyes to emergency medicine! 
How was your experience using VetTechPrep?
How did VetTechPrep help you study for the VTNE®?
It was the only tool I used for studying for the VTNE. The questions were formatted the way VTNE questions are, which is what I found to be the biggest help. 
Why would you recommend this program to another student?
I had such a great experience with it and a great outcome from it! 
How do you feel VetTechPrep has prepared or will prepare you for the vet tech profession?
It had a lot of great information in every question asked. I even printed out the power points and use them as reference often at work. 
What are you doing now?
I am currently employed as an ER technician at an Emergency Animal Hospital.”s
How do you think VetTechPrep can help make a difference in the vet tech community?
It is a great study tool! And becoming a licensed technician only expands your career.